Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I'll be completely honest. I am not pleased with my grades. However, I'm not seriously bothered by them either. I know many lawyers and a few judges. I've never even considered what kind of grades they made in law school. That said, I'm not changing my methods much because I already study a lot, and I know I'm learning the material. The main thing I'll do differently is practice writing essay questions more (and whatever else the profs suggest after I meet with each of them).

Everyone seemed so subdued after we got our grades. I never joined a sorority, but I look at this first year as some kind of initiation. (We're on line or in some long rush week? It's Greek to me.) The keepers of the law want to make us cross the burning sands to see if we have what it takes to join their ranks. They have methods potentially more terrorizing than hazing. They can cut you to the quick with their mastery of the law. (If you've ever been subject to the Socratic method or a first year law exam, you know the terror these things can evoke.) This process is essential to see if we are really willing to do the work necessary to gain the acceptable level of mastery.

I cherish these times because I know that when I get out in the real world of law practice, I'll appreciate all my professors. Sure, I wish my grades were better, but the more important thing is that I'm learning and growing in my understanding of life and law.