Sunday, March 16, 2008

Apres Spring Break

Spring Break is over, and I can tell from how many law school students were here in Starbucks when I came to study.

Every week brings us closer to the ultimate test. The best thing about the Bar Exam is that the questions are very focused. You don't get the "discuss all issues" question, so you can focus on remembering one particular rule and explaining how the facts line up with the rule. But that's only on one portion of the exam. On the multiple choice, you may remember the rule and know all issues, and you still may pick the wrong answer. Of course, the key is to pick the right answer more often than not.

I wonder how much law school has changed my fiction writing creativity. I know that I've come to understand that things are never really as complex as people want them to be. Most issues come down to people wanting something, not getting it, and the ensuing battles that result. Or people get hurt or think they get hurt in some way and they seek retribution for the hurt.

Anyway, I have to focus on this last semester and preparing for the bar exam before I can devote more time to fiction writing. I've been able to sneak some poetry writing in and I've been craving writing short stories. I should have written during Spring Break, but I tried to concentrate on staying up on this political stuff and spending time with my beautiful children.

Enough random thoughts. I should get back to studying for my Texas Pre-Trial Procedure class. Spring break is over.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I feel like I'm always studying. I could slack off and goof around. Actually, I do that a little, but something in me always motivates me to get back into the books. It's true that this last semester is much easier than previous semesters. However, there is still much work to do. After taking the bar prep class, I see that I need to do a lot of work for the classes that I did not take.

I talked one of my mock trial partners into doing an intramural mock trial competition because some money was on the table. We won first place and both got individual awards (mo money). I don't know why I haven't planned a trip to Vegas for Spring Break with the spoils. It's either the mommy in me or the stupid in me. Maybe I'll take a road trip to Austin, at least. There'll be plenty of time for goofing around after I take the bar in July.