Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Finals Fatigue

The problem with this finals schedule was that all my finals are this week. Last week felt like two weeks because all I did was study for this week. I took the Payments Systems final yesterday. I used almost every single minute we had. The order of the test was multiple choice, short answer and then essay. I had already decided to do the essay first so I think I was the only person typing for the first hour. I did the short answer next and then the multiple choice. Since essays are more challenging for me than multiple choice, that was the best way to tackle the test.

I'll be hanging around here for Bar/Bri this summer, so if I don't like my grade, I'll have to take a look at that test.

Tonight, I have Texas PreTrial Procedure and tomorrow I have Sales & Leases. Here's why I think I have finals fatigue. It's almost 5 p.m. and my PreTrial test is at 6:30 p.m. I am totally NOT motivated to look at the material anymore. That could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing. If I keep looking at the material, I may come across something that helps me on the test--or not. So I decided to post a blog entry instead of studying anymore.

Maybe I'll take a look at my outline at 5:30 or so. Right now, I'll surf the net for updates on the Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Last Set of Finals

I'm preparing to take my last finals of law school. All my finals are in the last three days, so I've been coasting through this first week. Two of the the tests are open-book, and the one that is not is all multiple-choice/true-false. I'll be all right, but the real test comes in July. I'll do what it takes the pass the bar, but it will be grueling work.

I took my children to Mayfest along with one of my law school friends. We've gone every year during law school. It always lands right around finals and it's a good break from the books.

I can't believe this journey is almost over. I'll have to change my blog and talk about something else for a change. So far, I hope I've encouraged someone who is thinking about going to law school. If I can do it, anyone who really wants to can.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Apres Spring Break

Spring Break is over, and I can tell from how many law school students were here in Starbucks when I came to study.

Every week brings us closer to the ultimate test. The best thing about the Bar Exam is that the questions are very focused. You don't get the "discuss all issues" question, so you can focus on remembering one particular rule and explaining how the facts line up with the rule. But that's only on one portion of the exam. On the multiple choice, you may remember the rule and know all issues, and you still may pick the wrong answer. Of course, the key is to pick the right answer more often than not.

I wonder how much law school has changed my fiction writing creativity. I know that I've come to understand that things are never really as complex as people want them to be. Most issues come down to people wanting something, not getting it, and the ensuing battles that result. Or people get hurt or think they get hurt in some way and they seek retribution for the hurt.

Anyway, I have to focus on this last semester and preparing for the bar exam before I can devote more time to fiction writing. I've been able to sneak some poetry writing in and I've been craving writing short stories. I should have written during Spring Break, but I tried to concentrate on staying up on this political stuff and spending time with my beautiful children.

Enough random thoughts. I should get back to studying for my Texas Pre-Trial Procedure class. Spring break is over.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I feel like I'm always studying. I could slack off and goof around. Actually, I do that a little, but something in me always motivates me to get back into the books. It's true that this last semester is much easier than previous semesters. However, there is still much work to do. After taking the bar prep class, I see that I need to do a lot of work for the classes that I did not take.

I talked one of my mock trial partners into doing an intramural mock trial competition because some money was on the table. We won first place and both got individual awards (mo money). I don't know why I haven't planned a trip to Vegas for Spring Break with the spoils. It's either the mommy in me or the stupid in me. Maybe I'll take a road trip to Austin, at least. There'll be plenty of time for goofing around after I take the bar in July.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Mock Trial: O V E R

Well, mock trial is over. We just finished one and a half days of competition, but niether of our two teams advanced to semi-finals. I did my best and got positive feedback from the judges. The good thing about this kind of experience is that it will be typical in the real world of practicing law. You'll do your best to represent a client and a jury may go against you for odd reasons. So goes life.

Mock trial is a GREAT experience. If you're interested in litigation or if you just want to improve your public speaking skills, I highly recommend this activity in law school. It's been fun and I've learned things that will help me in real practice.

My coach has been amazing, and I'm glad to know her and my teammates. We will return to Fort Worth proud that we did our best, even though we won't be bringing home any trophies.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Semester's Activities

So what have I done this semester besides study?

Mock Trial
I'm competing on the mock trial team for the National Trial Competition. We compete in regionals in Lubbock and if we make it to the next level, we compete in Austin. The competition is next week. We practice on Fridays and Saturdays, pretty much all day. This is a tremendous commitment of time, but it is the best thing I've done in law school. My teammates are really awesome. This is my third and last competition. Mock trial has allowed me to apply all the substantive things I've learned. I could not imagine law school without this trial experience.

Academic TA
I'm an academic TA this year. It's really interesting to watch the OneL students after having gone through the process myself. Lest I forget how distressed I was when I did my first open research memo, I have the privilege of coaching other students through the process while reminding them of the importance of keeping up with all their other classes. None of them run the other way when they see me coming down the hall, so hopefully I provide some kind of help and hope that they can make it through.

I'm active in our local Black Law Student's Association (BLSA). I'm supposed to be the historian, but we had an awesome event last night and I forgot to take pictures! How crazy is that? But at least we have the memories. I came up with the idea and called it the Spring Into Success BLSA Bash. One of our professors, Everett Chambers, graciously hosted the event. He's the director of our academic support program. I wanted the first year students, especially, to get to know him early so they can avoid academic problems. I'm sure some seeds of success were planted.

BLSA also had a panel to celebrate MLK day last month and I was one of the panelist. I can't remember everything I said, but people came up to me afterwards and said my remarks were good. Generally, I said we must wake up in order to realize the dream. We have to wake up and see the injustices around us and wake up to apply the solutions. I encouraged the audience that each of them have a call to fulfill in righting wrongs as advocates. We have some more events coming up this month to celebrate black history. I'm sure they'll be enlightening and fun.

Peace and blessings, Renea

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Spring '08

This semester (my last!!!), I'm taking Texas Pre-Trial Procedure, Payment Systems, Sales and Leases and Preparing for the Bar. I'll also find a way to read a nutshell or something (maybe an outline?) on Secured Transactions.

I guess the hardest part of law school has not actually been law school itself. I was told this before I even started and it has proven to be true. Life outside of law school is much more difficult to handle than law school. While you're learning completely new things and trying to manage a truck-load of reading assignments, life goes on, demanding much more of you than you have to give.

I'll see if I can strike a better balance and be more present for my children this semester. Once it's time to study for the bar, I'll have to totally focus so I want to give them as much time and attention as possible before May. They are actually at the ages where they don't require that much attention from me, but I still like to invade their play time as the tickle monster and take them museums and stuff like that.

As with any endeavor, if you're planning to go to law school, remember to count the costs.