Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Spring '08

This semester (my last!!!), I'm taking Texas Pre-Trial Procedure, Payment Systems, Sales and Leases and Preparing for the Bar. I'll also find a way to read a nutshell or something (maybe an outline?) on Secured Transactions.

I guess the hardest part of law school has not actually been law school itself. I was told this before I even started and it has proven to be true. Life outside of law school is much more difficult to handle than law school. While you're learning completely new things and trying to manage a truck-load of reading assignments, life goes on, demanding much more of you than you have to give.

I'll see if I can strike a better balance and be more present for my children this semester. Once it's time to study for the bar, I'll have to totally focus so I want to give them as much time and attention as possible before May. They are actually at the ages where they don't require that much attention from me, but I still like to invade their play time as the tickle monster and take them museums and stuff like that.

As with any endeavor, if you're planning to go to law school, remember to count the costs.