Monday, June 12, 2006

Grades et al

I finally got all my grades. I did better the second semester so I'm glad about that.

During the year, we often heard about someone's grandmother or grandfather dying, and then our friend, Matt died. Well, my grandmother (my dad's mom) died on Thursday. She had been declining during the last part of the school year, and we thought she might have passed away during finals. She was 90 years old.

In the first semester I read somewhere that when people have deaths in their families during the school year, they may feel guilty because they seem to be worried more about keeping up with their classes than they do about losing a loved one. This tells you how much law school infiltrates every area of your life and could even usurp the grieving process.

I guess the lesson is that the practice of law can be all encompassing. You could work so much that you don't have a life. We should learn the lesson of balance now so that we actually enjoy a career in law.