Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I think I've finished my second law school memo. I could edit the thing all night, but now that I'm within the page requirements, I'm ready to let it go. I thought about applying some of my graphic design tricks to make the thing fit, but it was much more rewarding to actually cut out words and agonize over sentence structure than to cheat with letter spacing and other secrets of the design world.

I'm thinking about turning it in tonight. It's probably wise to keep it and look it over at least one more time. I've wasted two dollars printing it out twice in the computer lab. Each time I was unable to edit the hard copy. I know that's exactly what I need to do at least once, so I'll probably spend another dollar on printing. My home printer doesn't have ink and who has time to go buy more? I still have to read for CivPro and Property!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


When I find myself goofing off during the time I set aside to study, I recognize this as brain overload. It's like my mind is saying "No more right now!" I really don't have time for this kind of rebellion. Sometimes I'm able to press on anyway, and sometimes if I provide a little distraction for the capricious side of me, I'm able to get back to the business at hand. This is hard work. There is so much to do. I recognize the need to relax and replenish. But I still have to get the memo written. I still have to read and brief all those cases. I still have to try to understand it all even after all the work is done. It's challenging, but I'm having the time of my life!

Happy Birthday to me

My birthday is tomorrow. When I was little, I used to have these big birthday parties and invite my whole class to my house. One time I forgot to tell my mom and she came home to a bunch of elementary school kids running around in and out of her house. She was a good sport and went to the store to buy a cake and food for my party! I won't be having a party this year because I haven't had time to do the necessary planning. I don't think my mom would go for it if I just invited a bunch of people over like I did when I was little. I'll just spend the day with my kids and get them to sing "Happy Birthday" to me all day.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Reasonable Minds Differ

The phrase “reasonable minds may differ” is used often, but whose reasonable minds are they talking about? Historically they certainly were not talking about the reasonable minds of folk who look like me because what my fore-mothers considered reasonable was certainly not contained in the American law of their day.