Thursday, March 30, 2006

Trial Brief

We're in the midst of researching our trial briefs which are due April 12. I think I have a framework, but I try to stay open to what my classmates think about the issues raised. It's kind of wild. Our writing sections are small, and the instructors work together to come up with the main project. But some of them shape the focus of the brief differently. It's fun to watch the reactions of everyone as we get further instructions on the assignment. Some people had actually written their briefs over Spring Break, so they may be doing a lot of editing.

I've decided to stop researching and just focus on my argument for the brief. It would be too easy if there were some perfect cast out there that would slam dunk all the issues. The point of this assignment is for us to make a persuasive argument when the weight of authority is against us. At least that's what I've come up with.

We only have four weeks of classes before finals. I've excited and apprehensive at the same time.

Schedules for the next terms have come out. I'm having a hard time coming up with a schedule for the Fall. We all have to take Constitutional Law and another semester of Analysis, Research and Writing (the class for which I'm writing the trial brief). I haven't decided what else I'm going to take, but I'll have a final answer by next Friday.

Pretty soon, I won't be a One-L anymore. It's been fun, but I'll be glad to move to the next level!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Spring Break

That was a much-needed break! I spent most of the week at my best friend's house in Houston. She has what Maya Angelou calls "a healing home." Whatever ailments I'd gotten from constant study were definitely healed.

Things are going to wind down very quickly now. My goal is to keep up with the pace so I don't become overwhelmed when it's time to study for finals. I did a little work in Houston and I'm finding it difficult to get back into my routine. Technically this is still Spring Break (Friday), but I want to be prepared for next week and I need to complete my research for the trial brief.

I really appreciate the feed back and questions I get from so many of you. My whole purpose in creating this blog was to encourage others to pursue their dreams. My basic message is that you can live your dreams and accomplish more than you can even think about!