Saturday, May 03, 2008

Last Set of Finals

I'm preparing to take my last finals of law school. All my finals are in the last three days, so I've been coasting through this first week. Two of the the tests are open-book, and the one that is not is all multiple-choice/true-false. I'll be all right, but the real test comes in July. I'll do what it takes the pass the bar, but it will be grueling work.

I took my children to Mayfest along with one of my law school friends. We've gone every year during law school. It always lands right around finals and it's a good break from the books.

I can't believe this journey is almost over. I'll have to change my blog and talk about something else for a change. So far, I hope I've encouraged someone who is thinking about going to law school. If I can do it, anyone who really wants to can.

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Anonymous said... will be missed, for this blog, for the 1L blog, and for your honest insight (whether I agreed with you or not). You have been an inspiration and a role model - we'll miss seeing you in the halls. For those you know by name and for those nameless masses you inspired without knowing (like me), I say thank you, good luck, and God speed!